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Panty Party for Switch turns underwear into fighting machines


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A game called Panty Party will launch on Nintendo Switch this spring — but it is not at all what you’re expecting it to be, based on that name alone. Cosen, a Japanese indie studio, released a mesmerizing trailer this weekend with an important, surprising caveat: “‘Warning!’” writes Cosen. “NO HENTAI contents in this game! All you get is funny and stupid panties!”

Cosen isn’t kidding. Panty Party is a fighting game starring a diverse cast of underwear, all of which (or whom? they are sentient, after all) can shoot out lasers from their hems. Doesn’t matter if it’s the panties with the teddy bear attached, the schoolgirl skirt-styled briefs, or the pink striped bikini; they all are ready to murder each other.

There’s a solid reason for the panty battles: An evil force is turning humans into panties, so these frilly things must fight back before the entire human race is wiped off the planet. While there are the expected cute girls in cutscenes scattered throughout the game — they’re the ones turned into panties, after all — the focus here truly is on the third-person-panty-shooter action.

This is a panty raid like none we’ve seen before, and honestly? It looks awesome. Keep an eye out for an invite to the Panty Party when it hits Switch eShop for $14.99 later this year.

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