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Sunday, January 5th, 2014

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Tales of Zestiria to feature dragons, evolved combat

Tales of Zestiria, the next installment in Namco Bandai's role-playing Tales series, will focus heavily on dragons — a first time for the franchise, Siliconera reports via Famitsu magazine.

According to producer Hideo Baba, dragons often represent either a good or evil symbolic existence to different worlds. In Zestiria, dragons will play a large role in the game's story, though it's still unclear if that role will be benevolent or malicious.

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Alpha 6 is coming more News!

Happy New Year Survivalist, We’d like to thank everyone for making our migration to Steam and our first Holiday Sale an overwhelming success. We’ve been as high as number 4 in the Steam Top Sellers list and stayed in the top fifty consistently in our first 3 weeks and have consistently held a spot in or near the top ten since. Even though we’ve done a lot of holiday celebration we’ve still found time to get some work done. The word on the street is that Alpha 6 is coming soon and that it will include a slick new metal forging system we hear is pretty freaking awesome! We’ve also heard rumors that the world is much bigger, has many new points of interest and a huge new snow biome to explore with several new snow zombies. Our source has confirmed these features and much, much more will be in Alpha 6! We can hardly wait. But in the meantime check out the brand new series from team epiphany "Zombie Test Lab" where they take base defense ideas and put them to the test against hordes of zombies on their quest to find the ultimate zombie killing setup. Check out episode 1 where they test out a checkered deathtrap and see how it fairs against a zombie onslaught. [url=] Zombie Test Lab [/url] You Stay Cool The Fun Pimps
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Minimalist puzzle game Lyne launches for mobile devices, PC

Lyne, indie developer Thomas Bowker's minimalist puzzler game, is now available on mobile devices and PC, the developer announced.

In Lyne, players connect shapes while trying to fill the game's board. The game includes both pre-built and procedurally generated puzzles; the latter of the two is updated daily. According to Bowker, his goal in creating the game was to "focus on intuitive interaction design, accessibility and flow."

58 seconds

Sunday Flying Giveaway @ MetagamingTV

Welcome to join the fun and craziness with Scream112 (me) on MetagamingTV this Sunday for War Thunder streaming session with Golde Eagles Giveaway during the entire stream! It will last at least 6 hours and starts at 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET)! Where?...

Zynga 'testing expanded payment options' with Bitcoin

Zynga is "conducting a Bitcoin test" to further expand its payment options for seven games, the company recently announced via Reddit's Bitcoin...

Steam Family Sharing adds two-factor authorization, lender approval

Valve's program for friends and family members, Steam Family Sharing, will now require users to identify those allowed to access shared games on shared computers, the company announced via

Looks like this day was a busy day in the Gaming Industry!

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Saturday, January 4th, 2014

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Detective Grimoire launches for mobile devices, PC

SFB Games and Armor Games' mystery adventure title, Detective Grimoire, is now available for iOS, Android and PC. Detective Grimoire was funded via Kickstarter in August 2012 after collecting $29,611 with the help of 2,009 backers. The game, described as a mix of Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright, sets players on the hunt for a murderer. Players will interrogate suspects, solve puzzles and search for clues while trying to uncover the secrets of a strange swamp. For more on the game's premise, watch the trailer above. Detective Grimoire is available via the iTunes App Store and Google Play for $3.99. A Linux, Mac or Windows PC version is priced at $6.99 through the game's website, along with its soundtrack for $4.
42 seconds

Developer hangout live!

Come join and watch our developer hangout! or game balance, katanas + more
7 seconds

What's new in 0.108

- Fixed problem with multiple messages about bot being killed. - Fixed problem with pickups when connected to many players. - Enlarged Santa hat. - New mesh and textures for Spider Light propulsion, also changed offset. - Altered a lot of collision and hit meshes for propulsions. - Added an effect when blowing up cardboard boxes. - A lot of script optimizations. Fixed turret spin bug and improved turret orientation calculation, and more. - Added an indication to the crosshair to tell if the aim is obstructed. - Fixed issue where direct hits are not always detected. - Prevent killstreaks and getting achievements from killing team mates. - Linux: Implemented active/deactive handing in X11 - Linux: Fixed mouse pointer hiding in X11 render window. - OpenGL render issue when resizing window fixed. - Implemented vblank swap interval in Win32 OpenGL renderer. - Linux: Fixed mouse clamped to invisible borders while in fullscreen. - Linux: Fixed closing application with WM close button. - Linux: Fixed incorrectly assigned middle and right mouse button. - Implemented support for changing sound driver during runtime. - Added Output entry in the Audio settings menu. - Linux: Added OpenAL support (Pulse is still default) - Linux: Use default web browser when following the FB, Twitter and YouTube links. - Linux: Added ALSA sound driver. - Fixed fog and nozzle emitter shader bugs in GLSL. - Fixed resource leakage in projectiles. - Fixed script bug which caused out-of-range when enumerating peer handles. - Implemented per-part color customization. - Reduced spread for Autolaser Aux and increased its time to live to 3. - Tank mass calculation changed – should make some propulsions less likely to slide. - Optimization to ocean shader. - Tank parts damping and constraint fixes – fixes oscillations for some aux weapons. - Temporarily disabled Steam Cloud. - Tweaks to medium shadow quality.
1 minutes and 35 seconds


HAPPY NEW YEAR, OSCURIDOS! It's time once again for SNR! Get the latest maps HERE: This week we've got a brand new 'Classic Fusion' map from Tempus! It's...

Blockland r1925

Changes: [list] [*]Tweaks to "Blockheads Ruin Xmas" gamemode: [list] [*]Can now throw presents by clicking [*]Fixed bug where you could destroy presents in the street [*]Player score reset when second player joins game [/list] [*]Added error...

AI game designer creates Ludum Dare entry To That Sect

Ludum Dare 28 entry To That Sect is odd, unsettling and, most importantly of all, made by an artificial intelligence game designer called Angelina.

The creation of PhD researcher Mike Cook, Angelina crafts games built on...

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Friday, January 3rd, 2014

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New hardware bringing sight-based interaction in mid-2014

Eye tracking hardware from developer Tobii and peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries is slated for a mid-2014 release, according to a video released this week from both companies. Check out the video above to see Tobii's pitch for the eye tracking technology, whose possible uses include modifying a game's user interface and making enemy AI smarter. Based on your gaze, a feature a developer at Tobii calls "passive gaze triggers" could also allow you to pick up an item or convince in-game AI to begin speaking to you, rather than requiring a button press. The EyeX Engine dev kit, which allows programmers to develop for the upcoming hardware, is available for pre-order from Tobii for $95. At CES last year, Polygon took at look at Tobii technology, including a custom-built Minecraft demo....
44 seconds

FX animated sitcom 'Chozen' debuts a week early on Xbox One

Chozen, the new FX animated comedy from the producers of HBO's Eastbound & Down and FX's Archer, will be available Jan. 6 exclusively on Xbox One, FX announced today on Xbox Wire. Xbox One owners will be able to watch the pilot of Chozen through the console's FXNow app, which requires a subscription to a cable television package that includes FX. The television premiere of Chozen is set for 10:30 p.m. on Jan. 13. Chozen focuses on the title character — a gay white gangsta rapper who was recently released from prison — and his journey to become the world's greatest rapper. Chozen is voiced by Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live), and the show also features the voice talents of actors, comedians and musicians such as Michael Peña (End of Watch), Hannibal Buress (Louie) and Method Man (T...
47 seconds

Europa Universalis 4: Conquest of Paradise coming Jan. 14, pre-orders now open

Pre-orders for the first expansion to Europa Universalis 4 titled "Conquest of Paradise" are now open, publisher Paradox Interactive announced today, revealing that the expansion will launch Jan. 14 for Windows PC, Mac, Linux via various digital distribution platforms. Europa Universalis 4: Conquest of Paradise features "a completely randomized American continent" and allows users to play as a Native American nation or Colonial nation. Through the two tracks, players can take charge of national ideas, buildings and events, declare colonial war or strive for independence from the country of origin. In the latest developer diary (below) outlining the expansion's features, studio manager Johan Andersson discusses the expanded gameplay and mechanics for the Colonial States, such as the...
39 seconds

Anki Drive gets a software update for the real world

Anki Drive received an app update recently that brought new upgrades, support items and weapons to the real world video game that uses iOS devices to control miniature cars.

The software update brings new racing options to the...

Now Available on Steam - Gunman Clive

Gunman Clive is Now Available on Steam!
In the year of 18XX, the west is overrun by thugs and outlaws. A group of bandits have kidnapped Mayor Johnsons daughter and are spreading havok...

New Build! DRP Alpha 9 - The 'Shoot First and Bend Your Kozars' Build

We've pushed out a new alpha build of DRP! Check out all the details on the forums:

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Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

33 Pulses

Catch up on the plot of Google's real-world MMO Ingress

A pair of videos recaps the past year of Ingress, a massively multiplayer alternate reality game from Google's Niantic Labs played in the real world on smartphones. The first video, above, catches players up on the basic premise of Ingress: A research project discovers something called "Exotic Matter" or "XM," a mysterious force that seems designed to spur on humanity's intellectual and cultural development. XM hotspots exist all over the globe, concentrated in centers of human progress like major cities. Two factions arise: the Enlightened, who believe XM and the mysterious Shapers who wield it are benevolent and responsible for mankind's current state, and the Resistance who believe XM is dangerous and seek to modify the hotspots to a safer, more stable state. The second video...
43 seconds

Physics puzzler Feed Me Oil 2 now available on iOS

Feed Me Oil 2, the follow-up to HolyWaterGames' well-received physics puzzle game, launched today on iOS for $2.99, publisher EA Chillingo announced today. The sequel adds new tools to move oil with, such as windmills and fans, and brings the action underwater to show off different fluid interactions in its upgraded physics engine. Feed Me Oil 2 contains four chapters of oil-feeding puzzles, each with a score from one to three stars. Feed Me Oil 2 can be purchased in the iTunes App Store. A launch trailer is available above.
30 seconds

Carmageddon: Reincarnation dev video shows how suspension will work

Developer Stainless Games shared a new video for its in-development vehicular combat title Carmageddon: Reincarnation showing the studio's progress on in-game suspension. The video above shows a coastal level and gives players a good look at the environment — which is based on a level from the original 1997 Carmageddon, according to a post on the game's official blog from designer Simone McDermott. McDermott notes the video is "strictly" a suspension test and includes pre-alpha visuals, meaning it's still an area under heavy development. The car used in the video is the Twister, as it has the best handling for the studio to use when testing suspension. All materials, the designer notes, are also still a work in progress, and in the video suspension elements are highlighted with bright...
43 seconds

Battlefield 4 Premium double XP event rescheduled for Jan. 3-5

Battlefield 4's latest double XP event exclusively for Battlefield Premium members will now take place Jan. 3-5, the studio announced today on

Pinball Arcade dev details 2014 plans, including season 3 tables

The Pinball Arcade developer FarSight Studios has big plans for 2014, and the company provided a full list of them in a post on the

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We’re excited to get back to improving the game in the new year! And thanks to everyone for their patience throughout last few weeks. Also, a big thanks to MuchDifferent for assigning their engineers to help solve the...

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Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

21 Pulses

Nidhogg coming to PC via Steam Jan. 13

Messhof's side-scrolling sword fighting game, Nidhogg, will launch on Jan. 13 for PC via Steam, the game's developers revealed today. The announcement trailer (above) shows several different environments that will feature in the fast-paced title, such as castle, mines, clouds and wilds. IndieGames first reported in July that the game was due for a full release later in the year. According to the publication, a playable build of Nidghogg showcased at this year's Evo fighting game championship featured several abilities including dive kick, crawl, wall jump, roll under opponents and snap enemies necks in hand-to-hand combat. Winning its first award in 2010, the dueling video game is the recipient of several accolades including the Game Design award at Indiecade 2013, as well as the...
42 seconds

The Nemesis/Shrines One Week Race has Begun!

Our first major event of 2014 is a [url=]One Week Race[/url] that has the properties of both Domination and Nemesis (i.e. Shrines and Nemesis mods). It is hardcore (when your characters die they are moved to Standard) but is parented to the Nemesis league (your characters move to Nemesis if they're alive at the end of the race). Challenges can be completed in this league. The league has now begun and will end in one week. Best of luck! Also, remember about the [url=]T-Shirt Design Contest[/url] - it ends in a little over a week.
38 seconds

Riot Games president defends company against accusations of greed

Riot Games president and executive producer of League of Legends Marc Merrill made a surprise appearance on social news and entertainment website Reddit last night to answer questions about League of Legends and defend the company against accusations of greed.

Posting to a thread in which a Reddit user complained about a lack of a new client for Season 4 of League of Legends, Merrill addressed the accusation that Riot Games was "a money hungry company" that had greedy business practices.

1 minutes and 53 seconds

Game of the year 2013: Spelunky

To the Moon Linux and Mac ports are 'not too far off'

Linux and Mac ports for Freebird Games' 2011 adventure role-playing game To the Moon are "not too far off," according to designer Kan Gao.

Speaking to Polygon, Gao confirmed that the Linux and Mac ports for the Windows PC games are...

Steam Machine hands-on part two: the Steam Controller, Civilization V and StarCraft 2

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Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

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Startup bringing FPS-like features to real-world paintball games

Startup Innovis Labs is looking to bring technology used in many first-person shooters to the paintball and airsoft fields with Project Overwatch, a mobile app that will integrate GPS tracking features and voice chat into real world games. Project Overwatch is currently seeking funding through Indiegogo with a $50,000 goal. Using Overwatch, players will attach their iPhones to paintball and airsoft guns and use the app to track real-time movement of teammates and enemies similar to the way minimaps are used in many military first-person shooters. Overwatch will utilize the live GPS radar as well as a voice chat feature that includes the ability to jam opponents' communication radar. Players can also fake out their location to lead opponents astray. According to Innovis, the app can be...
42 seconds

Deception 4 gameplay footage shows trap-based combat

A short segment of gameplay footage from Tecmo's upcoming Deception 4: Blood Ties shows how combat works via strategic placement of traps. The video shows the game's heroine placing traps on a stairwell before leading an enemy over them. The traps work in concert to form a lethal combination, with giant boulders and hammers falling from the sky, knocking the victim into an electrocution trap. Deception 4 is scheduled to hit PlayStation 3 and PS Vita sometime next year in Japan, Europe and North America.
29 seconds

Ben Heck creates accessibility mod for the Xbox One controller

Modder Ben Heck has created a single-handed accessibility mod for the Xbox One controller for disabled gamers, he revealed in a recent teaser episode of Element14's The Ben Heck Show. Outlined briefly in the teaser, Heck demonstrated how he created the right-handed accessibility mod. The controller includes modifications such as a spiked thumbstick so players can easily discern what is up, down, left, right, while its backface features a left trigger, along with a gamepad. More information and details about the construction of Heck's single-handed modified controller will be revealed during the full episode, scheduled to go live this Friday on Element14. Heck plans to donate the controller mod to the Able Gamers Foundation, GameSpot reports, an organization founded nine years ago to...
41 seconds

Patch 1.38b

[b]Bug Fixes[/b] - Fixed crash when clicking the secondary weapon slot on character summary view. - Boots of the Raven, now footgear, not bodygear - Fixed issue where walk noise sometimes wouldn't change when entering/leaving water - Player is now...

To the Moon dev releases free holiday episode

To the Moon developer Freebird Games released an update for the game today, adding a free "minisode" to the interactive story from 2011, the studio announced

(Update) Cook, Serve, Delicious! v2.22 Patch Released- High Rendering option, New Steam Challenges!

Hey everybody, here's the newest patch for CSD! This one includes a new high rendering option that improves the quality of fonts and other graphical effects for high resolution monitors. While 1080p and above is recommended for this option, any...

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Monday, December 30th, 2013

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Shooters mobile battler hitting next year

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Shooters, a mobile spin-off of fighting title Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, is heading to iOS and Android devices in 2014, according to information on the game's official website. In Stardust Shooters, players will work through storyline focused on the extensive Jojo family line. Combat against enemies is done using "striker" medals, each of which represents one character and their ability set. Like some card battler games, players must take into account a medal's available health and special attacks as well as take advantage of combo systems that will chain stronger attacks together. In addition to battle segments, Stardust Shooters will include animated sequences featuring Jojo and his crew. Check out the video below to see the title...
42 seconds

LoL, Dota 2 and other game servers shut down by group targeting Twitch user (update)

An online group or person going by the name DERP is currently attacking the servers of games that Twitch streamer James "Phantoml0rd" Varga tries to play, according to reports on Reddit and Phantoml0rd's Twitch stream.

The group performed DDoS attacks on games and services like Dota 2, League of Legends, Club Penguin and as Phantoml0rd began streaming them on his Twitch channel. The group told Phantoml0rd over Twitter that if he lost the Dota 2 match he was streaming, they would attack the game's servers; just as his team took a turn for the worst, the server he was playing on crashed.

5 minutes and 31 seconds

Regarding Steam Sale GC: Read and review

There was an issue with GC not being given from the Steam Sale purchases. All GC will be given to those users on next login. This only affected Steam Sale GC purchases. Our apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this time.
15 seconds

New Year Random Box selling Dec 31-Jan 4

Don't miss out on purchasing this limited time edition random box from the Kafra Shop! It will only be available for purchase for four days! New Year Random Box (In shop from Dec 31-Jan 4) Has chance of getting: Chance Coupon One of the Following...

December Events!

Here are the events happening this month! More details: [img][/img] [b]Master Level Collection[/b] Dates: Dec. 18, 2013 to Jan....

Battlefield 4 AMD Mantle patch delayed to January (updated)

Battlefield 4's Mantle patch has been delayed into January 2014, an AMD representative told Polygon.

Mantle is an API designed to improve both a game's visuals and how efficiently it's produced. The patch was...

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