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Sunday, January 4th, 2015

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Some News

Hello! Just decided inform you about current state of development. So, we continue working on multiplayer. I should say, it one of the most complicated programming task with which we are faced. But we will make it! :) Just need some time. But also, today we decide to make something else except multiplayer. So, there is two new models: 1. Large tank for who likes those concept of realistic ships with huge spherical tanks. 2. Small, unidirectional RCS thruster, for more flexible ships designs. [url=][img][/img][/url] Those new things will be available in the next update. Yes, for now the updates are not as frequent as in the beginning, but don't worry, it's only due multiplayer. After we made it. we again will please you with an updates every few days. By the way, if you wish, you can congratulate [url=]Romenics[/url] and [url=]Riya[/url] with their birthday (January 4)! Yes, they are twins. Your congratulations will be pleasant for them! :)
1 minutes and 4 seconds

Update #58 - Highly Experimental Mutations - Weekend of January 2nd

Chances are that if this is the first time you see an update like this, you recieved Nuclear Throne from one of the people in this great community. In that case, welcome to Nuclear Throne and welcome to your first weekly update. For those of you that were already with us in 2014: welcome back to Nuclear Throne in 2015. We hope the final days of 2014 were relaxing and enjoyable for you! While we will be taking things easy for a short bit in January, recovering from all the chaos that was 2014, we did manage to squeeze out a small but interesting update for you all! The update brings a couple of small but interesting changes, but also two highly experimental mutations! Hammerhead allows you to break through exactly 12 walls every stage, and Strong Spirit makes lethal blows put you down to 1 HP instead! Both of these are very work in progress, don't have pretty icons or clear effects (which is something we definitely need to add to make them more clear), but we're just throwing them in for you to mess around with! Enjoy! [list][b]Features[/b] [*] Hammerhead mutation! Break through walls and create instant cover, clever ambushes, or just have a good time! [*] Strong Spirit mutation, saving your life whenever you need it most (at death)! [b]Balancing[/b] [*] Ever so slightly higher rate of fire for the Slugger. [b]Fixes[/b] [*] Wild Horror beam drops rads again. [*] Sleeping Assassins and Smoking Gators now drop rads again. [*] Fixed a glitch with the Lightning Hammer icon. [b]Misc[/b] [*] Eating an Ultra Weapon as Robot now gives you some rads! [*] Crown of Choice no longer removes one gun, instead makes enemies drop less rads. Needs a new name probably![/list] Whether you're new to the community or a Nuclear Throne veteran, we want to know what your thoughts are about the game. Please take some time to write out your complaints, thoughts, and ideas. Also don't forget that we livestream development twice a week: once on Tuesday and once on Thursday. If you want to tune in, go to around 1PM CET. Let's hope Hammerhead and Strong Spirit don't create too many exploits.
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Happy New Year Next update

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying 1.2 and are having fun with the new weapons. The next huge update 1.3 is scheduled for the end of this month. The New Update (1.3) will feature: Misc. Bug Fixes to v1.2 as mentioned by the community 2 New Alien Enemies Huge advancement to story mode - Zak Character 1 New challenge 1 New Simulation Story Mode Tutorial & Hints Option Story Mode - Easy & Normal Difficulty Option New Loading Screens 8 New Achievements More Options & In-game Menu option screen Thanks for your support guys and girls! We need you to help us spread the word about our game as we dont have any press to help us out in that department! Be sure to check out the forums to find out about getting yourself in the game on the ship`s crew member database (Security, deck 6, Ops)
50 seconds

Patch 42 complete: Improved AI

# 4.1. ## 42 Improved the enemy AI (live stream). Missile trails now have the same color as the module. Fixed a bug preventing your ship from being repaired inbetween missions. Added Ctrl-P as an alternate way to pause the game. Merged the 'Ship...

[Hotfix] Alpha 0.080 Build 64

A small patch was released a few hours ago. It should fix: - broken exit zone in the starting location - infinite loading screen in the location called Forest - hints - GUI bugs Thanks, Devs

Update #3 is live!

The latest update for Cargo 3 is now available! Known gameplay problems: T00 Minor fixes / Solved T07 Screen resolution isn't being saved. Restarting game causes the resolution to be set back to 1280x1024 / Solved T11 All localizations are...

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

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Build 0.142: Bug Fixes Tweaks

Hey all. Just a quick update with some bug fixes & tweaks to the last update and some issues that have been discovered since. Any questions or issues, don't hesitate to drop em in the comments or in the forums! Cheers, Nate Build 0.142 Changelog - Fixed Ice dragon causing ALL bullets to be ice! (So Sorry for this!!!) - Reduce knockback distance on all enemies - Eliminate Knockback entirely on hives - was sending them into the planet haha. - VacuumDragon gives a powerup. - Takes VacuumDragon more shots before he rushes at you. - VacuumDragon rushes at you with slower speed. - Shooting VacuumDragon charges up his big crystal blast. - Show Crystal points / crystal value upon collection - Matched Diamond points = diamond value to eliminate confusion - Sattelleyes Drop Timebombs sooner / closer to the surface
46 seconds

Killer Instinct reveals an Omen for its next character

The next fighter in Killer Instinct on Xbox One will be the supernatural, bat-like "Omen," the fighting game's studio announced yesterday, and he will be a bonus character available to all owners of season 2 content in the series.

More details on Omen will become available in the coming week; for now, he has been given this screenshot (below) and description:

1 minutes and 28 seconds

Changelog - Version 0.24

[list][*] [+] the game over screen has been completely revamped and now also includes a large collection of statistics about the game[*] [+] Steam leaderboards integration[*] [+] a detailed description and preview pane have been added to most settings[*] [+] backend work to support unlocks[*] [+] achievements[list][*] Ultimate addict[*] C-C-C-Combo Breaker[*] Can't live without you[*] Pointless achievement[*] Passivist[*] Activist[*] Cut the rope[*] Customise all the settings![*] Underachiever[*] Didn't dodge that.[*] Double destruction[/list][*] [+] statistics[list][*] Enemies killed[*] Modifiers collected[*] Ultimate orbs collected[*] Ultimates activated[*] Combo kills[*] Subbosses killed[*] Epic bosses killed[/list][*] an issue where SDL2 was unwantedly inserted into the application has been resolved, solving several graphics and controller issues[*] balancing changes[list][*] the primary weapon of the Bat now slightly aims automatically[*] the primary weapon damage of the Bat has been increased, but shooting prevents its shield from recharging[*] the meatshield of the Meanie now dissolves over time, preventing the meatshield becoming imprenetable[*] the N0P3 flak upgrade has been nerfed[*] the N0P3 fire rate and damaged have been reduced[*] the Didgeridoom had its range reduced, to make it easier to aim[*] N.O.M. now does damage in discrete steps as opposed to continuous damage, and had its DPS reduced accordingly[*] the Phase Shield now provides invulnerability longer, but had its cooldown increased[*] modifiers for the QuickCharge upgrade have been buffed[*] Star Laser damage has been nerfed[*] Beehive damage has been slightly reduced, but also has a reduced cooldown time[*] the Freaking Laser takes longer to cooldown[*] the damage and the lifetime of the Mine Field have been reduced, but its cooldown has been reduced as well[*] the Black Hole had its size and damage reduced, but can be improved again through modifiers[*] D.R.O.P. now deals more damage and has a longer cooldown which can be reduced through modifiers[*] Rainbow of Doom damage has been slightly reduced[*] Rainbow of Doom is slightly shorter, but has modifiers to increase in length[*] blue sectors have been made less common[*] blue and spiky sectors are now significantly less likely to follow up on each other[/list][*] Armour has been re-enabled under the name Armour Plating[*] the bat has an improved overheating effect[*] the N0P3 flak now shows its cooldown in the HUD[*] scores are now calculated using a different formula, to make them compatible with Steam leaderboards[*] taking a screenshow now uses the Steam screenshot api instead[*] loading performance has been significantly improved[*] the text on the loading screen has been replaced by a simpler loading text; detailed information can be toggled on by pressing F3[*] the music no longer starts playing during the loading screen, ignoring the user settings[*] save file formats have been changed (this will invalidate all old savedata)[*] upgrade description punctuation is now more consistent[*] sliders in the settings menu no longer have their value changed when clicking on their label[*] the pause menu has been made slightly prettier and more consistent with the new menu style[*] the pause menu is now more clear about exiting to the main menu[*] the rebind controls screen has been made prettier[*] sound effects from the preview ships in the ship selection screen have been removed[*] the part that splits of the red snake boss now rotates away when possible[*] the red snake boss now prefers players over apples more often[*] updated executable icon[*] also: frozen explosions[/list]
2 minutes and 52 seconds

Heroes of War Thunder! [H1][B]From January 4th, 2015 to January 11th, 2015:[/B][/H1] [b]Reach first place in a victorious battle and earn bags full of silver![/b] [b][u]Repeat it over eight consecutive days...

Mushroom 11 made the list of best upcoming PC platform games

[h1] Mushroom 11 made PC Gamer's list of best upcoming PC platormers![/h1] We are excited to be a part of this list of top platformers releasing in 2015. [url=]Check out the full list here.[/url]

Game Crash: Fix received and in testing

Hello everyone, For those of you that were on the receiving end of the bug, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused. But, we have some good news. We have received a potential fix for the issue, which we are currently looking at and...

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Friday, January 2nd, 2015

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Patch 40 complete: Bug fixes, guide on drop probabilities and new ship part rules.

Today I've continued hunting down some of the remaining bugs. Other News: [list] [*] I've added a new Steam Guide on how the loot and salvage rates work! [url][/url] [*] If you have not done so yet, submit a screenshot for a chance to win a free Steam key! [url][/url] [*] There will be another dev stream this Sunday at the usual time (6 PM GMT). [/list] Gameplay change: Parts that are shot off your ship are now destroyed unless they a) contain 3 or more modules, b) contain a CC module or c) contain a joint module. This change prevents fragments of your ship bugging out your camera and other stuff. The editor detects if a ship part of your design would be affected by this and shows your ship as invalid in that case. Fixed the robust/reinforced attribute categories. Fixed a bug causing collisions with asteroids/smily boxes to do no damage. Fixed a bug with the interceptors. Fixed a bug in the module spawn rate calculation. Reduced the module container salvage rate modifier to 25%
1 minutes and 5 seconds

fault milestone two coming to the West!

Our second bit of New Years news, [url=]fault milestone two[/url] is now in the process of being planned for localization!!
9 seconds

Steam rings in 2015 with new peak of nearly 8.5M concurrent users

Valve began 2015 in style, hitting a new record high for Steam with 8.47 million concurrent users on Jan. 1, according to the service's stats page.

A graph on the page shows a peak of 8,466,441 concurrent users at 12:01 p.m. yesterday. (It's unclear what time zone the graph is using; we've reached out to Valve for clarification, and will update this article with any information we receive.) You can see a screenshot below of the graph with the peak marked.

58 seconds

Destiny players are making a mockery of the game's toughest boss fight

Destiny's first expansion, The Dark Below, launched three and a half weeks ago, and it seems that players are finally getting a hang of the boss battle at the end of its raid, Crota's End.

By "getting a hang...

Weekly Update: EX11 Incoming!

[img][/img] [h1]EX11 is imminent![/h1] On January 6th, we'll be delivering the newest version of Children of Liberty, which contains the following changes: [list][*]Added the Pause Menu [*]Added...

Halo 5 brings back Halo: CE's best grenade trick

Halo: Combat Evolved included a feature called "weapon launching" that allowed you to use the blast from a carefully thrown grenade to cause a weapon to fly towards you. With a bit of practice, and a knowledge of where to stand...

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Thursday, January 1st, 2015

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Sakura Angels on Steam Greenlight

Happy New Year everyone! Right off the heels of our [url=]NEKOPARA[/url] launch we're announcing the first Greenlight title of the new year: Sakura Angels. This is a new original title from Winged Cloud. [h1]Summary:[/h1] From the creators of Sakura Spirit... comes a brand-new angelic love comedy! Two girls, blessed with magical powers, are faced with the task of saving the lonely protagonist from the clutches of a mysterious witch and ancient evil, sealed away long ago by his ancestors. What does this sorceress want from our protagonist? Find out more in Sakura Angels! We have a trailer posted on the Greenlight page. Check it out and vote for it at the link below:
44 seconds

Update Alpha: No more Java issues, new LUA events, bugfixes

First of all: [b]HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL USERS![/b] :) A new update is available, which does not bring very much content, but a lot of important changes! First of all, the game is delivered with an own JVM now. This means that it does not matter anymore which Java version is installed on your computer. Even if no Java is installed at all, that should be no problem. Please note that this change only affects Windows, on MacOS, you simply need to install the JDK. Apart from that, we added new LUA objects and events, for example events when players interact with chests. Effectively you can now restrict players to steal items from other players chests now via LUA scripts. We are also updating our basic area protection script right now (so that objects, constructions and chests are now also protected), it will be available shortly. This is another important step forward to prevent griefing. Last but not least this update contains several smaller changes and some important bugfixes. See the full changelog below. [h1]Changelog:[/h1] [list] [*][New] Game uses own JVM now, so it does not matter anymore what Java version is installed on your system or if Java is installed at all (in other words: No more Java problems!) [*][New] New LUA objects: Vector2f, Vector2i, Vector3f, Vector3i [*][New] New LUA events: ChestItemDrop, ChestToInventory, InventoryToChest, PlayerChestPlace, PlayerChestDestroy, PlayerChestRemove, PlayerGrassRemove, PlayerObjectPickup, PlayerVegetationDestroy, PlayerVegetationPickup [*][Change] Console no longer opens when chat is active [*][Change] Added new server information to the http server [*][Change] Blockfavorites and serverfavorites are now synced with Steam Cloud [*][Bugfix] Fixed a bug that caused servers to not save the world in some cases (it's still recommended to restart the servers daily) [*][Bugfix] Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when placing objects while other objects in the same chunk are still in move (e.g. doors) [*][Bugfix] Eventually fixed the fullscreen bug, please check it out, need feedback [*][Bugfix] Fixed multiplayer issues under Windows 8 [*][Bugfix] Fixed problems with wrong username, no longer uses computer name as fallback (need feedback) [/list] Have fun and stay tuned for the next update :)
1 minutes and 52 seconds

We celebrate the first day of 2015 with a new update!

We have now implemented a Smartcast functionality for ability activation. Smartcast enables you to automatically target/use an ability in the direction of the mouse cursor. You can disable Smartcast in the settings to target your abilities manually. We’ve also opened the servers for Asia (located in Hong Kong) and Oceania (located in Sydney) for preliminary testing. This means that you are now able to play and help us start testing provided you already have a Deadbreed Undead Beta Key and activate it on Steam. Bear in mind that we are just launching this now for initial testing. [h1] Login now and check out the latest update! [/h1] [h1]Servers/Lobby[/h1] [list] [*]We have now started the initial test phase for our servers in Asia (located in Hong Kong) and Oceania (located in Sydney). At this stage you are able to play if you already have a Deadbreed Undead Beta Key (and Steam of course). [h1]Gameplay[/h1] [list] [*]Smartcast is now default for activating abilities using the ability hotkeys (you can turn this off in the settings or click the ability icons to target manually). Smartcast enables you to automatically target/use an ability in the direction of the mouse cursor. [*]Your are now able to level-up or unlock Hero and Artifact abilities by pressing ‘CTRL+’ the Ability Hotkey. [*]Added an alert message and Hero Voice Over when in the Armory and trying to equip an item and already have an item equipped in that slot. [/list]
1 minutes and 16 seconds

Sub Rosa Alpha 23 - Update Notes

Stocks: You can now buy stock in your company, if you succeed in missions the value will go up, if you fail it will go down. When you sell stock you get 95% of the value. Withdrawing money: The banking in your base is now the company account, if...

Update of the Avatar #106 – 2015.01.01

[img][/img] [h1]HAPPY NEW YEAR! From the Shroud of the Avatar Team![/h1] [b][i]Greetings Fellow Avatars![/i][/b] Here's what we have for you...

Heroes of Issachar Development Update

I want to first thank everyone that has participated in the discussions so far. I read every comment and take them all to heart. For those who posted encouragement, please know that those comments matter. For those who challenged the subject...

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

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Happy New Year!

For everyone who already met it, and who will meet it soon. Just look at that! 2015 sounds very futuristic! The human civilization makes a very good progress. Still have a lot of problems, but we like the dynamic. :) So, unfortunately multiplayer is not ready yet and we cannot give it for you as a gift. We made a very good progress, but we still need some time. However, we cannot leave you without a gifts. :) The first 10 people who will ask for the game in this thread - will get a free key. The only condition - you should not have the game in your Steam library. Please make sure that your Steam profile status is "public", so we can check your Steam library.
42 seconds

New Sea of Stars pre-release build 12/31/2014

For those of you who wish to help iron out bugs before the update goes public, [url=]Click here[/url] for instructions on how to enroll to the pre-release beta program. Note that the public beta thread will likely contain spoilers, as we test things like new special encounters.
19 seconds

State of the Game #153: The Year in Review

Yes, double holiday blog posts! Sorry, but I have been lazy with this post. While I wanted to cover the whole year of 2014, honestly I think way too much happened! It started off with a whirlwind ride with the Kickstarter, which lead straight to being greenlit. Then there was the push to launch on Steam, then a move around the world [with a day job career change]. We got the commander update, new parts, the Hexapods, the start of the social update, the most snapshot builds between releases EVER, camo patterns, music, level art, new levels, and so many bug fixes [and creations :/]. Honestly, I think the craziest part of the whole year is right now, today. As I look into 2015, all I see is a bigger, crazier, more impressive year for M.A.V.. So let's lift our howies into a barrage, level down our cannons, hone our snipers, and blast into the fray of 2015, guns blazing. Here's to you, the supporters that make M.A.V. a possibility! Happy New Year!
59 seconds

Happy Fukkin New Year!

Happy New One From Germany! May all your hopes and dreams find great soil to flourish! PEACE!

Aliens: Colonial Marines and Aliens vs. Predator delisted from Steam

Two of Sega's Alien games are no longer available for purchase on Steam: Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines and Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator. Their removal on the last days of 2014 could mean the end of Sega's license...

Challenge League Totem Pole Decoration Preview

A reward for completing challenges in the Torment and Bloodlines leagues is that you'll receive segments of a Totem Pole decoration that you can place in your hideout. Our artists have been working on creating an impressive Totem Pole that we'll...

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Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

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Xbox One developer tools updated to improve performance, Dying Light dev says

Microsoft updated the Xbox One software development kit this month, giving developers better control over the console's memory so they can improve performance, said Dying Light developer Techland in an interview with GamingBolt.

Techland recently confirmed that Dying Light will run in native 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The studio was originally targeting a frame rate of 60 fps, but said that it decided to scale back that target in order to deliver a "rock-solid" 30 fps because "a stable frame rate is paramount" in a game like Dying Light.

2 minutes and 10 seconds

Winter Holiday Specials - Part Deux [H1][B]Pilots and Tankers![/B][/H1] Celebrate with us the beginning of 2015 with a premium tank, discounts and bonuses! Wherever your are in the world, we wish you a magnificent new year's eve and a good start in the new year! [b][u]From 09.00 GMT on December 31st to 09.00 GMT on January 2nd[/u][/b] Win [b][i]one[/i][/b] battle in US vehicles and get the [b][u]premium M2A4 (1st Armored Division) for free![/u][/b] You will also receive the special decal of the 1st Armored 'Old Ironsides' Division (If you have already purchased this tank you will receive a Golden Eagles refund) [H1]From 09.00 GMT on December 31st to 09.00 GMT on January 4th[/H1] [b]Profit from the following discounts:[/b][list] [*]50% discount on the purchase of all modifications [*]50% discount on RP conversion [*]50% discount on the purchase of 'Expert' crew qualifications [*]50% discount on the purchase of 'Ace' crew qualifications [*]50% discount on the purchase of crew experience points (accelerated training) [*]50% discount on the purchase of 'backup vehicles' [*]50% discount on the purchase of talismans [/list] [h1]From 09.00 GMT on December 31st to 09.00 GMT on January 4th[/h1] [b]Enjoy the following bonuses:[/b][list] [*][url=!%202014%20NEWS/December/christmas%20pictures/streaks_defender_bomber.png]Bomber Rescuer[/url] multiplier x5 [*][url=!%202014%20NEWS/December/christmas%20pictures/streaks_defender_ground.png]Ground Forces Rescuer[/url] multiplier x5 [/list] [b][url=]Also, check out our New Year's Poem Competition with a chance to win the «Grant I» Advanced Pack and Golden Eagles (plus a surprise prize)! [/url][/b] [b][i]The War Thunder Team[/i][/b]
1 minutes and 40 seconds

Bugs and Fixes / Updated 1.3

So we have been going through your comments, as well as videos and have noticed a few more tweeks. So here we go; - Extended Double Jump Timing, (Makes it much easier to jump) - Wall Jumping Fix , We made it so if your back is turned to the wall you can still jump off of it. -Better Wall Grabbing, We are calculating the wall grab better, so he doesnt slide down as much. -A Few Map Fixes making it easier to navigate. As always if you come up with anymore more issues please post them in the Bug / Fixing discussion froum we made in the community hub. What we are fixing next; We are currently working on making a way for you to edit your controlls to your liking.
45 seconds

Wasteland 2 wins PCWorld Game of the Year and more

As the year comes to a close, we look back to an amazing period for PC games and RPGs in particular. Given so many great titles came out this year, we were absolutely thrilled and humbled to hear that...

Improved Logitech G27/G25 integration, edited Chase Cam

This is for players that commented in our forums for some fixes/changes. The logitech control should now be improved, in addition to added force feedback effects for grass, off road, and slicks. The XP system is now complete and will not be...

Patch version 1.0.1 ready

After a few days and nights of hard work, patch version 1.0.1 is now finally available. Among the updates includes greatly improved performance across the board and several glitch fixes. I hope you enjoy the new update! Full list of changes: -...

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Monday, December 29th, 2014

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Trading Cards

Trading cards for 1849 are now available! Collect them to get badges and emoticons from the California and Nevada rushes.
6 seconds

Developers about the M22

[h1]Vyacheslav BVV_d Bulannikov, game-designer[/h1] “This tank has a low profile and is very nimble. At the same time, it is equipped with a pretty good cannon from the Stuart.” [url=]Click here to see video of this vehicle in action![/url] [h1]Eduard Borisov, lead artist[/h1] “In this model, we wanted to put across the tank’s lightness. The vehicle has a low profile and carries practically no superfluous mounted equipment – it’s all about speed! The metal pipes on the track shoulder are the rod of the gun brush (the ramrod for cleaning the gun).” [url=]Devblog here[/url] [b][i]The War Thunder Team[/i][/b] [url=][i]Discuss it here[/i][/url]
50 seconds

Status Report - Patch v.1.22

[img][/img] Added: + British medium tank Mark B model + Mark VIII, Mark B, LK II tanks are added in multiplayer + "Control Points" mode is and two maps are added to play on it + Steam VAC + In response to numerous requests overdubbed mission dialogues Changed\fixed: * Increased the maximum size of the platoon, as well as the width of the order * Fixed too frequent tearing of the bodies from bullets and shells * Fixed the sound of rifle RSC * Fixed errors in the Line of the Front multiplayer maps * There are new intros for multiplayer maps * Localization corrections * Changed the location of the flags in the Line of the Front, the line 1x1 widened and now located in the center of the map * In the first French mission objects behind the clip are hidden now * Fixed inability to move QF 4,5inch howitzer with horse or truck * Fixed some indestructible objects of entourage * Updated model Mark IV "female" * Updated model Mark IV "hermaphrodite" * Minor changes of interface Balancing: . Reworked timers in the Line of the Front . Attackers can accumulate a large number of armored vehicles in the Line of the Front . Cost of field guns is increased . Added squad of antitank engineers . Increased speed of rotation of towers of armored cars . Increased the number of mines in the mortars . Stormtroopers now have antitank weapons . Increased fragmentation action of 37-77 mm bombs Working on: ! New multiplayer maps ! New multiplayer modes ! Integrate Steam Workshop
1 minutes and 16 seconds

New game update posted!

We have posted a new update for the game with lots of AI improvements, content balancing, and fixes. We are moving into the final month before the big launch at the National WWI Museum so please give us your feedback! Release Notes: Launcher...

Welcome Steam Players!

Hello Steam Players and Welcome to Xsyon! We're happy to be here on Early Access and hope that you enjoy the Xsyon journey with us. We expect this to be a busy week and don't know exactly what to expect. If the demand is high we are ready to add...

PlayStation Network suffering from 'intermittent connectivity' issues

PlayStation owners are experiencing "intermittent connectivity" to PlayStation Network, Sony said today on the PlayStation Knowledge...

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2015 so far..

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