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Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

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Excellent new review (8.9/10) from

Featuring a big new section covering the latest "OMG" expansion. [b][i]"This update is a showcase and shining example for other game developers to follow when it comes to adding quality content for your customers"[/i][/b] Why not go check it out...
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Camp Blitz - Patch 1.017

Spice Road lends itself to a wide variety of strategies, and so it is hard to test for all eventualities. Patch 1.017 fixes a bug that is only triggered by a quick land-grab with many tightly packed camps, which are all expanded to towns (with the bug shifting borders when you defeat a bandit camp). I'm happy that players are still finding new ways to play (and break!) Spice Road.
24 seconds

Update coming this month! (January)

Gameplay updates and details are coming this month. For those patiently waiting, we want to thank you for your patience as always and we'll see you in this next update, coming soon.
11 seconds

Past of Exile - Early Alpha Screenshots

To celebrate the start of 2016, we wanted to have a look back at what Path of Exile looked like in the past. We've previously posted some old screenshots here and here, so we wanted to cover an area today that we haven't posted screenshot of...

2.1.1 Quick patch

Hi Everyone Since we got so much feedback on it, I've readded Right-click functions, and made sure any instructions in game reflects that. Also added the version number to the bottom of the screen when loading the game. I have also allowed quick...

"Life is Hard Guide" released!

Hello everyone! Today we're glad to announce that we began our partnership with developers from Soul Games. Our first team-shared project is "Life is Hard Guide", which contains everything about our game. Guide is completely free and available...

Looks like this day was a busy day in the Gaming Industry!

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Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

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Hotfix! Steam Build 40b - 02/01

*Fixed some UI controls not working *Added crosshair to M14 Rifle *Changed footsteps back on player
5 seconds

The Weekly Re-Cap 14

Happy New Years everyone! I know you guys are still getting a lot of our old launch crashes, so feel free to add me to your friends list and we will troubleshoot any problems you might be having. Rest assured, our new build MAY or MAY NOT crash! This I can gaurentee. There's only about 3 major steps for us to take before we're going to push the new build: Perks, Money and the Menu/Resolution system are all offline. Our engine has been having some major problems regarding the publishing of executables with certain prefabs, so it's delayed us somewhat. So I've spent some time adding some more layers of vegitation to our snow map: [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] As you can see we have a brand new deathclock and score system started. Whoever can manage to get the longest time and/or the highest score will be considered the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD! At least until we find out how they haxzord. This works out well for you, because we need players to find all the areas of the game that can be exploited. Check the store page for a few other new screens! I would like to remind everyone to please leave feedback if you have anything to add. Until next time! Have a question? Ask us anything [url=]here![/url] Want more information? More details [url=]here![/url] [b]Marty, Caleb & Lauren'z Key Grab![/b] VFN83-IWY27-INEJ5 4MWQH-RCN9M-I2P87 M0J0M-EFNEW-GY4LR
1 minutes and 44 seconds

Theatre of Pompey

[img][/img] Hope you've all had a brilliant holiday and start to the new year. To kick 2016 off, this weeks location is the Theatre of Pompey, specifically the gardens attached to it. Enjoy! [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
29 seconds

Another Twitch stream is live!

Check out Atypical Chuck's twitch stream of Pony Island if it's still live! He's trying to find some of the hidden tickets.

Update 1.001.31

fixed a crash on the contracts screen fixed contracts completion not working changed “inf-slice” contract fixed items being pushed to object on non-connected places fixed not rendering correctly on AMD added interest when money is negative added...

We're hard at work on Update #10 for you guys!

Controller support and a whole lot more, hang tight everyone. Thank you so much for your support and patience!

Looks like this day was a busy day in the Gaming Industry!

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Friday, January 1st, 2016

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Welcome to Dimension Drive

Dimension Drive is a comic book-styled shoot'em up that features an unique teleportation mechanic across a dual battlefield. You'll get to play two games in parallel at the same time. The game is very much in development but already accessible through our alpha builds to all our early access Kickstarter backers and pre-orders. We plan to regularly release updates and gather all your feedback here in the Steam Community hub to improve Dimension Drive as we finish its development. We will keep you updated with any news here but you can also follow us : [list] [*]Twitter : [url=]@2AwesomeStudio[/url] [*]Twitch (every Wednesday 7PM CET): [url=][/url] [*]Web: [url=][/url] [*]Facebook :[url=][/url] [/list] We are really interested in all you have to say about the game!
53 seconds

First Update is coming

Hi guys we are so happy to release Abo Mando on Steam on January 1 of 2016 for Windows and a Update on January 20 with new tracks, achievements and the release for Mac and Linux. Thanks for support Abo Mando. Atte: UNDEAD TEAM!
14 seconds

Astrox Visits the Podcast.

Hey guys, though i would share this. Me and the guys from talked about Astrox, Winnebagos, my day job, and the fun jump from greenlight to the steam store. Anyway, I thought is was fun, and I enjoyed talking with Brian , Jim and Hunter as we played the game. Anyway, be sure to subscribe and follow the SpaceGameJunkie Curator page. They really do a good job sorting through games and finding us the fun ones.
29 seconds

Winter Holiday Giveaway Winners And 3.5.0 Update Released

Okay, time for the business! Our Winter Holidays Giveaway has ended, thank you to everyone for participating! And we have the last (thankfully) update for One Way To Die! Read on... [b]3.5.0 Update - Choose Mode[/b] Our last update is in and it...

Colony Assault - 2.0.2 Update

[h1] Fixes [/h1] [list][*] "The end" achievement fixed [*] General memory and stability improvements[/list] [h1] New [/h1] [list][*] Larger font used in the messages [*] "Follow" command new order - ME,APC,U1,U2... [*] Using first aid replenishes...

Live Streaming Project Explore Development With New Artist!

[img=] Panos and I are currently live streaming if you would like to see what is coming up in Project Explore or have any questions/suggestions! Link:...

Looks like this day was a busy day in the Gaming Industry!

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Thursday, December 31st, 2015

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Happy Holidays

Hello All We're very eager to get 2016 started as its going to be a big year for Banner Saga content - including Banner Saga 2! From all of us at Stoic and Versus Evil, we'd like to wish you all a very happy holidays and a wonderful 2016. Thank you all for your kind words and support during development. Wishing you the best! --Stoic
22 seconds

3.1 Beta 2, Map Editing Tutorial and Happy New Year!

Just a quick note that the new beta for update 3.1 is [url=]now available[/url] in the beta branch for everyone. 3.1 includes major changes to combat, diplomacy and the objective systems and we'd love to hear what you think over in the forums. And for those looking to re-live a little Hegemony Gold, we've just launched the first entry in a [url=]video tutorial series[/url] where we'll be re-creating the Kingdom of Macedon sandbox in the Hegemony III editor. When we're done the tutorial series we'll be posting the new map as a free mod for everyone to play. Thanks to everyone who continues to enjoy and support the series and we hope everyone has a great new year!
48 seconds

New-Year News

[img][/img] We planned to release 0.7 at the New Year to make you happy. :) And rushed to work on it. But there still several important things to do, so we decided do not release unfinished update. It would be unpleasant to receive unfinished update at the New Year. We just need a several days to complete it, so the new update will be slightly later. However, we still have some gifts! As and in previous New Year, we give away gift keys for followers! First 16 people who will request a key in the comments below will receive a free key. One condition - you haven't the game in your Steam library (before request, please make sure that your profile is visible for everyone). [b]Update: All keys sent.[/b] Happy New Year! Will hope in the new year the human civilization will make even more scientific discoveries and people will spend more resources for science! :)
56 seconds

Happy new year!!!

We wish you all a happy new year! -Police Infinity Developer Team

Happy New Year! A 2015 Retrospective

It's the start of 2016 here in New Zealand, so we wanted to post [url=]our annual retrospective on 2015[/url]. At the end of 2014, we said that it was our best year ever. We're proud to announce...

Happy new year from Tempest team!

We wish you all the best in 2016! Thank you for buying our game and putting your trust in us! Thank you for feedback and ideas - this game is yours as much as ours. Stay tuned, this is gonna be very interesting! Update #3 is coming! Good hunting.

Looks like this day was a busy day in the Gaming Industry!

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Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

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Another heads up about Beta 5

Hello everyone! We wanted to get the community up-to-date on PULSAR’s development. Our plan was to finish up the build (Beta 5) and release it on Dec 31st. We have been hard at work doing the final lap of internal testing and bug fixing to make sure it is a playable experience when it releases. We have found some serious bugs that can cause desync when warping so that the incorrect level is loaded on some clients. This causes all sorts of issues and is serious enough for us to delay the release of Beta 5 until they are fixed. We will continue our work to fix it but wanted to make sure that you guys were aware that it might delay the update from the “late December” deadline into an “early January” deadline. We are unable to give a precise release window at this time but believe it will be on or before the 4th of January. This is going to be one of the most comprehensive updates we have released since Beta and we wanted to make sure it is stable and somewhat polished when it is released. Here’s a preview of some of the new content / features in Beta 5: [b]The new Lightning Turret (has a chance to shut down the ship when it deals hull damage):[/b] [img][/img] [b]An alien creature on a new toxic planet:[/b] [img][/img] [b]A geothermal power plant sector / interior:[/b] [img][/img] [img][/img] [b]The crew locker system has been overhauled[/b] [img][/img] [b]New NPCs have been added[/b] [img][/img] [b]One of the new sector types[/b] [img][/img] Thanks for your time and we apologize for the delay! The Leafy Games Team
1 minutes and 45 seconds

Patch #123115 Released

Morning, guys! This Christmas update is devoted to our new patch that includes numerous tweaks and bug fixes. As well as the news about our [i]TFoG[/i] graphic novel release, several personal thanks and cool article about armors design in video games. [h1]PATCH NOTES #123115[/h1] [IMG][/IMG] FIXES: Graphics: • Character's emotions/alignment amended for showing on the custom-made characters. Interface: • Background scene for Charlist/Inventory changed. • Stealth Mode effect now doesn’t apply on character model in Charlist. Mechanics: • Current weight rounding in Charlist/Inventory amended. • Stacked usable items activation from hands fixed. FEATURES & CHANGES: Audio: • Unique sounds for putting on each type of apparel added. • Unique sounds for eating/drinking/inhaling added to relevant usable items. Gameplay: • Journal Records to PCs at Special Facility level added. • Journal Records to PCs at Science Facility level added. Interface: • Status bar for indication of using items added. • Character Stats List revised. • Fonts styles for in-game UI revised and unified. • UI for Journal Records section of the Charlist added. Mechanics: • Stack system for items in the Inventory added. • Stacked items used through the hand slots embedded. • Ability to use relevant items in Inventory added. • Journal mechanics added. Other: • Various usable items added into the char's Inventory. • Various equipable apparel items added into the char's Inventory. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [i]IMPORTANT NOTES:[/i] If you regularly test our monthly patches please check out the Journal Records and Apparel that we've presented in this patch. Feel free to share your impressions and report any bugs we missed. During the font styles revision I've encountered the major issue why the GUI and fonts in it might looks small for the screen resolution different from 1920x1080 I use (and 56% of you, guys, use as well). The case was that despite I designed the scheme of the GUI for 1024-resolution and higher – it was meant to be no scaleable with the twisting of resolution. Though our programmers made it so that it scales with the resolution different from 1080i. We'll fix that in the next update. So that the font and GUI elements will look on any resolution 30% bigger than GUI for [I]Fallout Tactics[/I] (HD edition). [h1]BCS THANKS[/h1] [IMG][/IMG] As you might see we've recently changed the logo of the studio. The fresh variant was born during the work on [i]Fall of Gyes[/i] game app for App Store (as you might know one of our extra candidate for programmer vacancy has been working on it as a test). It turned out the new logo matched for publishing, designing and conceptual purposes. Here I should give my personal thanks to [b]Kyndra[/b] from Apple support for attentive attitude and swift help in identification and resolving various issues on the fly. As well as I feel like to give my thanks to [b]Maria[/b] for identifying several important issues on out Steam page (thanks to her we've also find out that our free tech demo on Steam can't be downloaded for some time... we work on the issue with Steam support). [h1]THE FALL OF GYES GRAPHIC NOVEL IS NOW AVAILABLE ON COMIXOLOGY[/h1] [IMG][/IMG] I'm also quite glad to announce that [i]The Fall of Gyes[/i] graphic novel is now available on ComiXology as of Wednesday, December 23, 2015. Just in time for Christmas! We've been working on it since the beginning of this year but we're very pleased to see it on the website. We're proud to have the experience under our collective belts, including everything from creation to physical production and worldwide distribution. We look forward to producing another one… I would also like to ask that everyone please share these links with your social cloud and help us raise awareness for the TFoG: [URL=""][/URL] As always I'll post financial information and other relevant details in the upcoming months (ComiXology does not provides any stats till the quarter reports). [h1]IN-GAME ARMOR DESIGN MYTHS BUSTED[/h1] [IMG][/IMG] As you might already know, [i]After Reset RPG[/i] is on the way to be [URL=""]the first hard sci-fi video game[/URL] as opposed to most fast-food video game approaches designed for mainstream appeal. This imposes certain obligations and leads to realism in every part of our development. Finding ways to get these puzzle pieces to work together is often a difficult and time-consuming struggle. I'd like to show you some examples from popular games and myth-bust their flaws while sharing some information about our approach to hard sci-fi armor designs. First of all, I'd like to warn you that after reading the lore below you likely won't be able to play most of the modern games or watch most of the TV-shows without non-stop facepalms. Perhaps there is something to be said for stylization in these works, but just as classic movies show heroes unloading thousands of rounds from their Ak-47 without ever reloading, we can’t help but chuckle at the absurdity of such oversights. [i]N.B. Here I'll show our hard sci-fi approach to armor design with [B]U.G. Pacifier Body Armor (PBA)[/B]. The screen above is the work in progress. It has recently past from engineering phase to product design phase (in our R&D process).[/i] [URL=""]READ MORE...[/URL] [h1]* * *[/h1] Christmas is a season of joy and love, but it's also a time for reflection. We think of those who are closest to our hearts, even though they may be far away in miles. We pause to give special thought to those in need, and to the universal bonds that link all gamers in brotherhood if not in blood. In doing so, we touch on something basic and good in the human spirit, a special grace that makes this a time of giving, and of forgiving - in short, good will toward men. As we give to one another, let us give of ourselves. For one of the lessons of Christmas is this: among greatest gifts to man is the gift of giving itself, and the more we give of ourselves the more of ourselves we have to give. Once again I'd like to thank everyone who contributed, posted, reviewed, and purchased After Reset as we could never have got this far without your support. Merry Christmas, and may the Force be with you! Sincerely, Richard.
5 minutes and 56 seconds

Patch 1.2.2

Hey we did it again. We realized that online scores system would only work for 2015 so we were forced to update the game once again... So we used it as an excuse to improve a few things. Yay! ːsteammockingː ːhealth_powerupː [b]We added button tags.[/b] We were very surprised that not many people played the FREE TOURNAMENTS. Which is strange we as have very cool prizes and very enjoyable game modes. Maybe people didn't know about them as it didn't say anywhere the word "TOURNAMENT". ːhealth_powerupː [b]Gameplay: Sectors 2,3, 4 and 5 are more interesting to play[/b]. Before they used to be, for some players, stages that they had to go through to get to the real fun game, for expert players they weren't much of a challenge. ːhealth_powerupː We also made [b]some small tweaks in the power-ups system [/b]. ːhealth_powerupː We [b]updated[/b] some vortices' [b]graphics[/b] and some really tiny tweaks in player ships. ːhealth_powerupː [b]RETRO MODE:[/b] It has been made more accessible and authentic. We added the retro mode button in the main menu. Previously it was hidden in options. Note about this mode: "Retro mode" in Vortex Attack changes the textures, transitions between stages, removes all modern hints and changes other effects. It changes the feeling of the game but, in reality, the game-play remains the same as the non-retro. So you can play and score for hi-scores or tournaments. ːlevelup_powerupː Beware! We will find a bug somewhere and we will end up upgrading again. Until then.... have happy blasting away all those minions and scoring high! ːsteamhappyː
1 minutes and 25 seconds

Steam Trading Cards are finally here!

We would like to announce that the Steam Trading Cards are now available!

Updates #8: December 2015

Content addition & bug-fixes. Update 31/12/2015 (v1.10): [list] [*]Added Valiant Torpedo Mk.I - IV for player to buy & use (Starborn Federation technology, also available on the black market). They are the most damaging Launchers, but inaccurate...

Roadmap - What are we doing, what are we going to do?

Hi folks, So I've been quiet these weeks. I'm going to blame it all on the holiday season and hope you don't all hold it against me :) So Happy Holidays to everyone! So what are we doing with Idle Civ and how far along are we with doing it? I...

Looks like this day was a busy day in the Gaming Industry!

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Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

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Update to version 1.5.8

[list] [*]Fixed Lord Solamar's dialogue. [*]Wands can now be recharged at an enchanter even if there are no enchantable items in inventory. [*]The selected potion type will not change anymore when mixing the same potion multiple times in a row. [*]All item enchantments can be set up to 100 now, when enchanting. [*]Various small corrections in dialogue text. [*]Added option to turn off queuing of input on game screen. [/list]
23 seconds

Build 915026 released

To enable this build you need to select Blockscape->Properties->Betas->unstable in you Steam client. [x] Beacause some graphics cards can't handle it Indirect lighting is now disabled by default. Enable by typing "renderindirect 1" in console. A solution that will work on all graphics cards is currently in development. [x] Add name tag to mods [x] Change "Infiniteplane" to "Realistic flat" [x] Change "Blockscapeplane" to "Blockscape flat"
23 seconds

Small update to fix crash on startup

If you where not able to run Gridworld, you might be able to run it now. I did a small update that should fix this issue for some. Steam overlay should work now too. If you are still experiencing problems, go here:
16 seconds

Why do so many people play so much Destiny?

You've heard about Destiny. How could you not?

Stories about Bungie's first-person shooter/massively multiplayer online role-playing game were a constant in 2015's news stream, including on Minimap. Why?...

[Complete] Server Maintenance 2015-12-29, 15:00 Server Time

[h1]The Server Maintenance is complete![/h1] [h1] Maintenance Notes Patch Version 0.4.20 Server Maintenance 2015-12-29, 15:00 Server Time[/h1] Note: Patch notes are subject to change. New Achievements> • Wind Walker You will get this achievement...

So, when we hit 1,000 simultaneous users, what should I add? Have your say!

Looks like this day was a busy day in the Gaming Industry!

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Monday, December 28th, 2015

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Soldiers: Arena closed alpha. Link to the discussion
2 seconds

Firefall studio Red 5 couldn't make payroll on Christmas Day

Firefall developer Red 5 Studios couldn't pay its employees last week, according to reports from staffers at the Laguna Hills, California-based studio. Employees expecting a paycheck on Christmas Day learned after the fact that they wouldn't be paid via an email from the company, which cited financial difficulties.

News of the financial crunch at Red 5 was first reported on Reddit and by A memo sent to employees said that the Firefall developer and its Chinese parent company, The9, were working to pay employees. That memo reads:

1 minutes and 51 seconds

One Way To Die - Beta Build 3.5.0 With Choose Mode

We usually don't do public beta builds prior to releasing updates but tis the seasons so we are adding one today for version 3.5.0 (Immolated). Here are some things we fixed and things we added that are now available for testing: [list] [*] Added: Choose Mode, allows the player to pick their fate instead of the system [*] Added: new menu graphic of "Now With Choose Mode" [*] Added: screen for Choose Mode decision (good luck) [*] Changed: community mode toggle to Choose Mode toggle [*] Changed: small issue with upstream statistic reporting [*] Fixed: small spelling and grammar issues, again [*] Fixed: save file not saving sound/music preferences [/list] Choose Mode is the biggest change. This has to be toggled on in the Options section of the game. When enabled it will allow the user to input a number before each page loads so they can control the outcome instead of the system. There is still a reported issue of the save file not always being accepted or the game not automatically logging in users who are logged into CoaguCo's server. Weirdly we cannot seem to reproduce the error ourselves. There was also reports of statistics not upstreaming correctly which we might have fixed but will be monitoring as well. Since this is a beta update, any and everything is subject to changed based on what kind of feedback we get and additional changes we make before it is pushed to public build. Any and all feedback is appreciated!
1 minutes and 16 seconds

What is your FO New Year's Goal?

Hello everyone! Why not run a little New Years 'contest'? Sounds like a great idea. It is a holiday after all. It'll be a simple one. We just want to hear your New Year's Resolution for Face Off! For example: In 2016, my goal is to own all the...

What is your FO New Year's Goal?

Hello everyone! Why not run a little New Years 'contest'? Sounds like a great idea. It is a holiday after all. It'll be a simple one. We just want to hear your New Year's Resolution for Face Off! For example: In 2016, my goal is to own all the...

Rubber Update and the Rainbow Gun!

Hey all! Rubber Ducky got a small update today! We're looking at some small bug fixes, an easy way to always start in windowed mode, and some new cheats! Check it out!

Looks like this day was a busy day in the Gaming Industry!

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2016 so far..

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