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As a token of appreciation, you will get these features:

All the games.directory Supporter features.

Your own .directory mailbox. Declutter your personal inbox with our email service which includes state of the art spam filter, email tracker removal, and more!



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Our API is free to everyone, but we limit the amount of requests you can make to 60 per user, per hour, with velocity detection to prevent malicious use.

If you're interested in using our API with no restrictions, please read below:

Unlimited access to our API which includes more than 120+ endpoints, with more added as we go along.

Gaming statistics, metadata and more from various gaming stores like PlayStation Store, Xbox, or Epic Store.

We don't expose any user endpoints. Any statistical data we provide through our APIs is purely informational and the user data associated with it anonymized.

To access user data, you must use our OpenID Authorization feature and explicitly ask the user to authorize your app from accessing their data.


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Build your gaming community with games.directory!

·Access to a wide range of tools to help you build your shop, forum, blog, and more!

·Statistical tools, demographics and more to help you understand you user base and achieve your goals!

·Achievements and Stats; We have the capability of ingesting any data you throw at us and beautifully display them.

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