In the beginning..

Like all great thigs, it all started with a spreadsheet. Of course it did!

Back when I was a pirate (argh!) I used to love downloading collecting games. I had a list of games I owned and being such a freak, I used to add as much information as possible, like Publisher, Developer, Release Date and so on. All this information was manually added by me from GameSpot, back when GameSpot was cool.

So yeah, I did that for a couple of years until I got bored and I wanted something more fancy.

I created as a proof of concept but also as a way to learn more about the tools I was going to use in my new role, as a junior developer. I moved all of my spreadsheet data into it. It. Was. Glorious.

As I got my first professional job, I also got some good money. So like every responsible adult, I spent my first salary wisely. Said no one ever.

Hell nah! I spent my salary on a new PS3, new Xbox 360, and way too many games, cause why not?

Many new games, many new manual additions into, kind of tedious. I also realised, as it was, wasn't gonna' cut it anymore..

Goodbye, you did good, but it's time to move on

What now? Well, there was an idea. Called the intiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable features and tools, see if they can become something more, see if they can work together when we needed them to.

The new platform needed to be smart, sleek, intuitive and be able to

  • show all my friends
  • show all my games
  • show all my achievements
  • show all my stats
  • and most important, able to automatically sync everything I needed without manual input

Here we are.. there's a lot more to the story, but 7 years, millions lines of code and hundreds of thousands of ££ later, can do everything I envisioned back when I was little lad, and so much more.. and on top of all that

sometimes.. lol.

So, what is

There's a place for Xbox gamers, there's also a place for PC gamers, but there wasn't a place for (all) gamers, (or PlayStation gamers for that matter, thanks Sony!) until now. is a new, but quite old, platform that gives you control of your gaming identities and platforms. It is a place for gamers to share their games with the world and to make new friends and connections.

Wouldn't it be great to have everything in one unified place? We aim to become your gaming home and unite all your gaming activity, games, accomplishments, stats, friends and more, under one beautiful, functional, and unified .directory.

What isn't

We're not a typical achievement or stats tracking website. What do we mean? Well, we don't rank our users or anything like that. Nope. We do everything possible to keep our users anonymous so that anyone can join and enjoy the variety of features and tools without being tracked, singled out, or ranked by their gaming performance.

And this is just the beginning..

Our goal has always been to help you collect, connect and track your friends and games. We have many features that we have yet to implement and release. We're just getting started, so come and join us and help us make the best it can be.

Your journey starts now

Create your .directory now, start collecting badges, points and spend them in our Shop. Clean up your friends list and make some new ones that share your interests. Finish that 98% game you forgot about or whatever, we're not your mom!