One, beautiful, functional and unified .directory for all your gaming needs.


All your games, achievements, stats, and more, under one, beautiful, functional and unified .directory.

With a large list of integrations, from PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and EpicStore, is the perfect place to start tracking all your gaming activity and accomplishments.


With all your buddies scattered across multiple platforms.

We have social features you can use, straight from your .directory, to communicate and keep in touch, regardless of the platform they're playing.

Join their in-game sessions, view their activity, work together, build communities, and more!


Games, trends, news, communities, and more from all over the web, under a unified service.

Using our proprietary algorithms, we'll help you find new friends with shared interests and find the best games for you to play together.


Your product with our robust suite of tools, resources and APIs. In addition, we also offer beautiful statistics and insights through our Insights platform.

Whether you're a Developer, Gamer, or Publisher, we'll work together to help you in all stages of development to easily create and publish your product on our platform.


The world's largest curated, and free, repository of gaming related images.

With more than 1 billion images to choose from and a wide array of image types, ranging from covers, logos, artwork, screenshots and user-generated content, Splash! is the only place to find the perfect image for your gaming needs.

Reach a wider audience of passionate gamers, from all over the world, with the power of at your fingertips.

Write your gaming articles, blogs, or thoughts with style and ease using our inline tools and embedded content for games, achievements, media, and so much more!

With more than 50 million gamers across multiple platforms, our platform can provide the best insights and analytics on most games.

You can monitor player growth, active and past sessions, player habits, and price history data from all major store providers, all under one platform.

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What is this exactly? is an online platform that allows you to combine your providers, like PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, GOG, EpicStore, and more, all under one .directory.

This allows you to track all your gaming activities, games, accomplishments, stats, friends, and more, in one place.

Do you have a client?

No. We're still working on the current features, ensuring what we have right now works without a hitch, and some new additional features we want in place before we release a client.

We expect to have a first client release in early 2022. We'll have more information about this soon.

How do I add games to my .directory?

We will automatically sync all your games as you add your providers, so you can start tracking your games right away.

We also have additional features for adding games manually. However, certain features like achievement tracking, and stats, will be unavailable.

Can I customize my .directory?

Sure thing! We aim to provide you with the most possible options to customize your games library just the way you want to.

You can start by changing the metadata, cover, and background, of a Collection with more advanced features like custom views, through our Lists feature.

We will be adding more features to customise your .directory soon, so stay tuned!

Can I connect with my friends?

Yes. Like with games, we also add your friends when you sync a provider, which is optional, and allow you to communicate with them via your .directory

On top of that, additional features will be enabled for all your friends like viewing their games, achievements, online status, what are they currently playing, and more...

What kind of stats and activities will you show me?

We will sync any stats available from the provider, and we will also show you the latest activity of your games.

On top of that, we will also showcase your completion, time played, progress, and more, with more features coming soon.

Is this free?

Yes. is 100% free to use, with no hidden features.

We're also working hard on our codebase to open-source it and allow anyone to help and build

What data do you share with other platforms?

We don't share any data with 3rd party platforms or providers. However, we do record your gaming activity against games to provide insights and statistics through our Insights platform.

We don't link any data to you or your accounts, and anything that's passed to our Insights platform is fully anonymized. We only track the number of players, sessions, and the number of times the game has been played.

Can I delete my .directory?

Of course! You can delete your .directory from within your control panel. We will delete all your data, including any providers you synced.

We also remove your .directory if you don't log in for a while.

What are community-created integrations?

We aim to offer official integrations with all possible gaming platforms and store providers. This is a time-consuming process that requires negotiations and agreements with partners.

We want all our official integrations to be supported by their respective owners, so we make sure they're in line with their policies and that they're safe.

While we work on the legal side of things and adding more official integrations, we're making it possible for you, our community, to create additional integrations using our platform.

I want to get in touch with you, because:

If you find any bugs, have any other questions, or simply want to say hi!, we are reachable at: feedback[at]games[dot]directory

If you have any questions about our terms, privacy policy, or anything legal, drop us a line at: legal[at]games[dot]directory

Who made this?

Hello there! My name is Vlad and, I am a senior software engineer from Romania, currently based and living in the UK.

I created for myself, back in 2015, mainly to polish my programming skills, but also to track my games, achievements and friends as I enjoy playing on multiple platforms and services.

I hope you enjoy using this, as much as I do, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at vlad[at]games[dot]directory.

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