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publishedFriday, 29th of October 2021

Last couple of months have been pretty busy. We've kind of lost track of our weekly updates, but hopefully this time round will be better.

Let's start with some new features:

EpicStore Integration

We've already announced this with a previous announcement, but here it is again:

As a Side note, since its integration we found lots of issues on our end when syncing with EpicStore. We've been working hard to fix them and we're quite happy with the result.
Thank you all for integrating your EpicStore with us and allowing us to test.

Special thanks to: Thijminecraft02, MuckPie, and daddyhughes111

New profile overview:

Depending on whether you're viewing your own profile or someone else's, at a glance, you can now view the:

  • Username, Bio, and Joined date
  • Integrations
    We will add more details to this section, in the near future, once we implement overview cards.
  • Level and Summary
    We plan to make the Summary, which showcases your Achievements, Collections, and more, completely customisable.
    You will be able to change what's displayed instead of having this predefined list.

We also added a couple of new features, like custom backgrounds. You can now edit your Profile and add one!

We changed the way we display integrations from list view to card view. With this change we plan to add more details to each integration in the future and display little widgets like active sessions, last trophy, last game, etc.. Stay tuned!

We're still working on the new profile overview page, and we have many more features to ship for it, but we're excited to see what you think of it.

New Collection Library Overview

We've added a new option for viewing your Collections as a Library. This will only show the collection cover. The idea behind this is to quickly view your library.
On this page we also allow you to view ALL your collections, without limits or pagination.

We will look into adding some basic filters, like platform, starred, etc.. and a search bar soon!

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