Our goal is to become your gaming home and unite all your gaming activity, games, accomplishments, stats, friends and more, under one beautiful, functional, and unified .directory.

We also want to enable developers everywhere to build their own platforms, tools and bring their ideas to life using our APIs and tools.


When we set out to create games.directory, our vision was inspired by the feeling that the gaming community needed something more, a home. There were sites that ranked players by wins, others kept track of ranking points and player achievements, but none focused on gamers' sense of community or their overall accomplishments.

  • games.directory should be welcoming and safe for all.
  • games.directory should be enjoyable, easy-to-use, and valuable.
  • games.directory focuses on the gamer and their accomplishments, not profit, marketing or exploitation.

How games.directory is run

games.directory is developed through a mixture of top-down leadership and a collaborative community.


We focus on being strategy-driven and product-driven, looking to the long term, not just the immediate impact, and considering the holistic impact of decisions. We work closely with key volunteer contributors to canvas opinions and knowledge, understanding our strengths and weaknesses and trying to improve games.directory daily, while also staying focussed on our long-term vision.

A really small team with a big vision

We also place a high focus on quality. We want what we do to be good - to work well, be accessible to all, and to be innovative. We have a tiny core team who take responsibility for ensuring that games.directory grows and evolves in line with its vision.

Through subscriptions from our community, philanthropists and philanthropic foundations, we are expanding our team in a sustainable and responsible way. We have funding milestones that we publicise and fundraise towards, which allow us to hire more people to develop further.

Grounded in ethics

We try to pay fairly, respecting and considering both the time and value of our staff and the generosity of our donors. We act ethically as a company and as an employer, treating our team with respect and never asking something of them that we wouldn’t do ourselves, and not using techniques or technologies that we wouldn't want used on us.

Help us bring games.directory to everyone, everywhere ✨

We rely on open-source contributions and our subscribers to achieve our mission. Can you spare some time or money to support our goal?