EpicStore's Library and Achievements tracking now Live!

We're happy to announce that we are now fully supporting EpicStore's Library and Achievements.

You can connect your EpicStore account through your Identity Providers.
We're still working on better ways on connecting your account, but for now, the process is similar with the PlayStation integration.

We fully support the Library and we will sync all your games that you currently have on your Epic account. We're still working on adding the Epic Store integration which will eventually add some metadata to your Collections, like description.

Achievements however, not all games have them. This is a limitation on Epic's side and nothing we can do about it at the moment. Our EpicStore module will be able to sync any incoming achievements whenever they're added, so when Epic adds new Achievements to a title, we'll get them.

Time Tracking is also supported on certain titles. Because we can only view authenticated accounts libraries, we were unable to perform in-depth testing. If Epic's tracking time played on a Title, we'll sync it.

We're still working on adding games.directory features to this, such as Friends, GameFront, Community, Title and Trophy pages. In the meantime, any feedback, on our usual channels, is very much appreciated!

Thank you

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