Halo Tracker is Live!

Hey folks!

In today's update, we're pleased to announce that the Halo Tracker is up and running.
The tracker is available at https://games.directory/tracker/halo from where you can view the gamers we're currently tracking, and our Halo database, with more coming soon.

If you own Halo, either on Steam or Xbox, we'll automatically sync your stats once our Discovery Service syncs your account and finds a valid profile.
If our discovery service can't find your profile for whatever reasons, you can head over to your Tracker page and Connect your Halo account.

We're currently tracking all your CSR stats, Matches, Medals and other available accolades. We're still working on our internal API and we should have more features coming soon. Battlepass, Inventory and more! Stay tuned.

As always, if you find any bugs please let us know via our usual channels.

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