Rocket League® Trophies

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Title Stats


Average Completion







31,234 / 

Total Trophies Earned







26 years, 11 months, 3 days, 6 hours, 26 minutes, and 3 seconds

Overall Time Played


Overall Times Played


Rocket League®

Rocket League® Trophy Set


Unlock All Trophies

Ultra Rare (2.8%)


Collect 150 Items

Rare (26.5%)

Far, Far Away...

Drive a total of 50 km

Rare (27.4%)

Super Victorious

Win a total of 30 games across any game mode

Rare (37.6%)


Win the Season Championship

Very Rare (9.1%)

The Streak

Win 10 games in a row across any mode

Rare (25.2%)

Helen's Pride

Score 6 Goals in a single game

Common (51.1%)

Car Collector

Collect 5 Cars

Rare (40.6%)

Drops in the Bucket

Collect 50 Items

Rare (40.5%)


Complete the regular Season

Very Rare (10.8%)

Grease Monkey

Customize the Decal, Topper, Rocket Boost and Wheel on a car

Rare (48.7%)

Pitch Veteran

Play a total of 20 games across any game mode

Common (52.7%)

Rider's Block

Make 20 Saves

Rare (33.7%)

Break Shot

Score a goal by hitting your opponent into the ball

Rare (41.5%)


Use your Rocket Boost for a total of 5 minutes

Common (65.7%)

Drill Sergeant

Complete every Practice Drill (any difficulty)

Rare (17.1%)

Minute to Win it

With only 60 seconds left, Win a game in which you were tied or trailing

Common (62.2%)

Speed Demon

Completely fill and then empty your Rocket Boost 10 times in a single match

Common (55.1%)

Pick-Me Up

Collect 5 Items

Common (71.4%)


Drive on the dome walls for a total of 5 minutes

Common (65.4%)

Team Player

Play against every team in a Season

Very Rare (13.3%)

SARPBC Forever

Play one game each with Octane and Backfire

Rare (18.8%)

Feather in Your Recap

Watch a save file in Replay mode

Very Rare (14.7%)


Win a total of 5 games across any mode

Common (65.2%)

Clean Sheet

Win a game without giving up a single Goal

Common (69.6%)

Triple Threat

Win a 3v3 game

Common (73.7%)

Double Up

Win a 2v2 game

Common (60.6%)

Singles Club

Win a 1v1 game

Rare (48.7%)

Perfect Start

Win your first game of the Season

Rare (22.9%)

Still A Show-Off

Score a goal while reversing

Common (51.4%)

Know the Drill

Complete a Practice Drill

Rare (33.3%)


Play a game in six different Arenas

Common (59.0%)


Customize one slot on a car

Common (75.5%)


Score your first Goal

Common (85.4%)

Barras Bravas

Play an Online game with someone in your Party

Rare (47.4%)


Play an Exhibition match

Rare (44.1%)

Utopia Coliseum

Utopia Coliseum Trophy Set

Sky High

Score an Aerial Goal

Rare (27.0%)

All Fours

Win a 4v4 game

Rare (41.9%)


Play a game on Utopia Coliseum

Common (52.7%)

Supersonic Fury

Supersonic Fury Trophy Set

Winning is Winning

Win a Season Championship using Dominus in every game

Ultra Rare (0.9%)

An Inch and 6.2 Miles

Drive 10 km with the Vortex, Cristiano, or Spinner Wheels

Very Rare (10.2%)

Ride or Die

Equip Dominus or Takumi with any Decal, then win a game

Rare (18.3%)

Don't Look Back

Use the Thermal, Burnout, or Nitrous Rocket Boost for a total of 10 minutes

Very Rare (7.8%)

Family, Not Friends

Play a complete game with Dominus or Takumi

Rare (23.8%)

Drift King

Perform a 180 powerslide with Dominus or Takumi

Rare (15.6%)

Revenge of the Battle-Cars

Revenge of the Battle-Cars Trophy Set

Survival of the Fittest

Equip a Topper and win an Unfair Bot Match

Ultra Rare (1.1%)


Win a game against All-Star Bots with a Decal equipped

Rare (17.2%)

Natural Progression

Win an Online Match with Backfire, Scarab, or Zippy

Very Rare (11.4%)


Use the Standard or Accelerato Boost with Octane or Backfire while playing in Urban Central

Rare (22.4%)

Hot Shot, Part Two

Win the MVP award using Backfire, Scarab, or Zippy

Very Rare (8.3%)

Chaos Run

Chaos Run Trophy Set

My World is Fire

Equip the Flamethrower Boost and win a 4v4 Online match

Very Rare (9.0%)


With Merc or Grog, Score 10 Goals against Pro-Level Bots or higher

Ultra Rare (0.7%)


With Breakout or Ripper, Score 10 Goals against Pro-level Bots or higher

Ultra Rare (1.5%)


Make 50 total Shots on Goal using Merc, Grog, or Ripper

Very Rare (5.8%)

Psycho-Master Exploder

Demolish 3 opposing bots in Wasteland

Very Rare (12.8%)

Neo Tokyo

Neo Tokyo Trophy Set

Mad Scientist

Play a complete match in 3 different Rocket Labs Arenas

Very Rare (13.6%)

Icing the Cake

In Snow Day, score a goal from your own side of the ice

Rare (16.4%)

Left Wing, Right Wing

Win a Snow Day match with both the Blue and Orange teams

Very Rare (10.0%)

Fast Break

Score at least 2 Dunks in the first minute of a Hoops game

Very Rare (7.9%)

Buzzer Beater

With 30 seconds left, win a game of Hoops in which you were tied or trailing

Very Rare (7.2%)

Budding Artist

Collect a Painted Item

Rare (25.6%)

One Better

Increase the level of a Certified Item

Very Rare (13.3%)


Earn Veteran status for your Certified Item

Very Rare (8.8%)


AquaDome Trophy Set


Win the MVP award in a game that goes to overtime

Rare (41.5%)


Score a Goal, Save a shot, and Assist a teammate in a single game

Rare (42.4%)

Infinite Power!

Activate every power-up in Rumble mode

Rare (31.6%)

Stopped Cold

In Rumble, freeze an opponent's shot before it can score

Very Rare (12.4%)

Sea Turtle

Head to AquaDome and score a goal while flipped on your back

Ultra Rare (3.0%)

Get Up, Mr. Bubbles!

Score an Aerial goal while playing in AquaDome

Very Rare (5.7%)

Rocket Repleter

Make 535 Shots on Goal

Rare (19.0%)


Dropshot Trophy Set

Registered Voter

Head to 'Arena Preferences' and use all of your votes

Very Rare (6.7%)


Equip the Ion Rocket Boost or the Halo Topper and win a match on Starbase ARC

Ultra Rare (2.9%)

Brave the Elements

Complete a match on wasted land, under the sea, and in outer space

Rare (21.6%)

Damage Control

Win a Dropshot match via shutout

Very Rare (11.6%)

Full Course

Score a total of 18 Goals in Dropshot

Ultra Rare (4.1%)

Buckminster x10

Damage a total of 320 panels in Dropshot

Very Rare (7.5%)

Champions Field

Champions Field Trophy Set

Storm Trooper

Equip a Very Rare Item and complete a game in an Arena with turbulent weather

Rare (24.7%)

Good Times

Head to Champions Field and complete an Online game

Common (51.8%)

Swap Meet

Trade and receive one or more items with another player in a single transaction

Very Rare (11.0%)

Trade Secret

Trade In five items of the same quality to receive an item of the next-highest quality

Rare (16.2%)

Rank Up

Complete all placement matches in any Competitive Playlist

Rare (25.8%)

Coming On Strong

Score or Assist a combined 30 goals or assists in Casual or Competitive Online matches

Rare (38.3%)

Clubs Update

Clubs Update

Join the Club!

Create or Join a Rocket League Club

Rare (18.2%)

Together is Better

Play and complete an Online match with one or more Clubmates

Rare (15.7%)

New Challenger

Join and complete an Online Tournament match

Very Rare (14.3%)

People Person

Play and complete 10 Online matches with one or more Clubmates

Very Rare (13.3%)

Squad Goals

Score a Goal while in a Club Match (Online Matchmaking only)

Very Rare (13.1%)

Best of the Bunch

Earn the MVP award in any Online Tournament match

Very Rare (9.2%)